Covid-19 Update – 16th July 2021

On the 19th July 2021 England will move to stage 4 of the roadmap out of Coronavirus restrictions. Scotland will move to level zero on their restrictions and the Welsh Assembly have also indicated a continued easing of restrictions. It is important to note that whilst there is much similarity in aspects of the easing between the nations of the UK, there remain some areas of difference too and so we advise that you take our guidance in combination with your local, national rules and guidelines to help you best plan how the changes to national restrictions reflect in any changes to your practice policy.

For many months now you have been able to tend to all patients in your caseload without having to limit it to emergency care only. Remaining guidance from us involved pre-screening cases and minimising patient contact time. With the easing of the final restrictions in England, we are advising that you will be able to return, largely, to the way your practice operated pre-Coronavirus pandemic, but please note the following advisories:

  • If you have a case of confirmed COVID-19, you must isolate and not carry out your appointments until your period of isolation is over
  • If your patient has a case of confirmed COVID-19, you cannot provide your treatment to this patient until their period of isolation is over
  • Both of the above apply regardless of whether you and your patient have received both doses of the vaccine
  • Pay close attention to PHE guidance (or equivalent in Scotland / Wales) on isolation rules if members of your household have tested positive for COVID-19 / members of your patients’ household have tested positive for COVID-19

In relation to PPE and safety precautions – please note the following guidance:

  • Mask wearing no longer carries a legal requirement but we advise practitioners to maintain mask-wearing during their patient treatments as they provide a range of benefits in the context of providing foot care services (i.e. reduce likelihood of breathing in nail dust etc) and have formed part of PPE guidance for a long time
  • Visors are not required to be worn, but may be worn if you wish
  • Gloves and disposable aprons remain strongly advised throughout treatment
  • Hand-washing, as always, remains a fundamental element of our infection control advice
  • Patients should not be required or coerced into wearing masks as a condition of treatment – however, you may politely ask them if they would wear a mask if you wish*
  • Try to work in an environment with good ventilation where possible – this may include working by an open window or having an air filtration system

*Please check the rules on face coverings of your local, national authority


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